Author, educator & industry thought leader Joseph DeSetto founded his agency, DIG, to develop motion graphics, animation & websites in the early days of the web. By 2011, DIG was a well respected software development house building mobile applications, games, real-time web applications and related creative projects for top-tier clients.

In 2015, DIG was reestablished as Bookmarkable LLC.

clients that love our work.

Mobile Design/Development Clients

  • Six Sense Training
  • Major Pharmaceutical Company  (under NDA)
  • Red Sun Global
  • Intelladon (acquired by Tribridge)
    • Boeing
  • Starmount Systems
    • Pep Boys Automotive
    • Brooks Brothers
  • Atlantic Lottery Corporation
  • TourWrist / Spherical

OLD FLAMES (previous to iPhone release)

  • American College of Surgeons
  • Southeast Toyota Dealers
  • Salem College
  • Tampa Electric Company
  • Brighthouse Networks
  • Nielsen Media
  • Keller Williams: Ubaldini Enterprises
  • Jamson Environmental
  • ... 50+ others.